What are we doing differently?

Our academy has a proven system with drills, training techniques and retention of the fundamentals that accelerates the understanding and learning curve of the sport. It is very important to us to teach athletes HOW & WHY they need to have a full understanding of the fundamentals in any sport. The trainees will meet with coaches at their desired times for their sessions. Trainees progress will be tracked, rated and documented to show progression. Learn more about what we're doing at The Academy.

why choose us?


We are a locally owned business.
We offer a personalized touch to our customer service and our staff will do everything we can to exceed your expectations and offer it at competitive prices.


We've just begun custom silk screening.
We are striving to set ourselves apart from the rest and keep our feedback 100% positive.


We have a different approach.
We understand that elite athletes need to stay in shape and practice the fundamentals, but we teach that the mentality of an athlete is just as important as physicality.