Here at Xcite Athletics, we offer a fully equipped self contained gym with all the necessary exercise equipment an aspiring athlete could need.

We want you to have fun while you learn. Your visit to our Training Academy should be something you look forward to, a place to meet new people, develop competetive relationships and improve yourself as a player. We keep track of your progress so you can track your progess.

Basketball Court

Inside our warehouse is a half-court for our players to master their free throws, lay ups and ball handling skills.


Weight Machines

Building strength is something athletes must do to have an advantage over their opponents.


Treadmills & Ellipticals

Athletes need to understand the importance of cardio. In a game the winner is the one who can push their body the furthest.


Power Plates

The technology behind a vibrating power plate can turn a 60 minute workout into a 10 minute one.